"I am an enthusiast of bicycles and vintage bicycles are a great way to learn about 20th century social history!"

Massimiliano Di Martino Founder, My Travel Notes

1950s, Bicycles, Legnano

1955 Emilio Bozzi – Legnano Modello 30: an integral restore…

It all started when I purchased my first Legnano model 30 (frame n. DU5257) during the 1989 at a vintage fair in Milan. The price was ITL 100.000. The Legnano firm began as Vittorio Rossi in 1902 and began manufacturing bikes in 1906. After WWI, the company was bought by Emilio Bozzi, who also owned the Frejus & Wolsit brands.

Part 1: after more than 20 years of service in urban commuting in Milan, in 2014 I decided to proceed with a complete restore after having collected a full description, quality photographs, and manufacturer and model history.

Part 2: a major part of a vintage bicycle’s restoration depends on having the correct original parts. During half a century of use, all bikes have had parts replaced. Spare parts are extremely hard to find, often impossible.

Part 3: a full restore with a couple of mistakes… See the full work once completed here.