A dutch urban-proof bike...

Massimiliano Di Martino Founder, My Travel Notes

Bicycles, Design, The Collection

2014 VanMoof M3 B Series

I am the proud owner of a VanMoof M3 B Series, diamond frame, and after 2 years of riding in the downtown area of Milan it is now time for a review of a real urban-proof bike. First of all this bike is perfect for the Milan flat! The lightweight aluminum frame makes for an effortless ride, while the powerful integrated lights make sure you stand out in all conditions. The 3 speed gearing option I went for (also 1 and 8 speed are available), it comes totally integrated and a fully enclosed anti-rust chain keeps my bike moving like clockwork.

The VanMoof Standard’s iconic lightweight frame is made from anodized high-quality aluminium 606. Not only does it give the aluminum a beautiful natural hue, it’s also incredibly durable, resulting in a bike that’s tough enough to withstand anything could happen when riding or just parking downtown.

In collaboration with Philips VanMoof has developed a fully-integrated lighting system based on Philips’s Luxeon technology and designed by car industry’s optical engineers, the front light delivers 40 lux, which is roughly the same as most motorised vehicles. Your rear light is enlightened by a homogeneous ring of light, suitable for riding in the dark.

The light is powered by a dynamo hidden inside the front wheel, so you never have to worry about running out of power. Simply turn on the lights using the switch on the frame, and as long as you’re moving the lights will do their job. Every detail has been considered by VanMoof: when you stop at a traffic light, the lights will stay on for a couple of minutes, making sure you are always seen.

The 3 speed comes with a totally integrated gearing solution. The gears are integrated into the rear wheel hub, where it’s well-protected and allows to totally cover the chain.